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I am constantly engaged by people who ask the question, “Are there aliens?”  How do I answer this?  I begin by explaining that we know, thanks to the independent research of those dedicated to the freedom of knowledge and to the secrets of the whistleblowers, that there are non-intelligent life forms out there, such as microbes and vegetation on Mars, etc.

However, this site isn’t meant to focus on those life forms.  Knowledge of their existence has great implications for those people who do not yet believe in intelligent alien life forms.  They still ask, “Are aliens real?”  This site is here to answer that question with a resounding “Yes!”  So what information have we gathered, does it all harmonize, and what sense can we make from it?

What We Know – Proof of Aliens

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There have been many people who have been in high ranking positions in the military-industrial complex, such as those astronauts who have walked on the moon who work for NASA, such as Buzz Aldrin, and ex-pilots for the Air Force and commercial flight businesses, such as John Lear.  Other ex-NASA employess and the science advisors to large news corporations, such as Richard Hoagland, are all telling us the truth.  Knighted author and acclaimed scientist Arthur C. Clarke implied and begged for full disclosure to the public.  Steven Greer organized The Disclosure Project which gathered tons of less known individuals who had stories to tell about their encounters with aliens and alien technology.

According to The Disclosure Project, there are upwards to 50 species of intelligent aliens visiting the Earth.  I will not reference all of the materials that explain this information, because that would go beyond the scope of this site and would rob you of the richness of the experience of finding this information for yourself.  I will continue to drop hints and leave breadcrumb trails for you to follow as I ramble on here though.  Please do your own searches and find out more.  The field is so complex and intertwined with misinformation and disinformation as well.  It is up to you to sort it out.  We want to support these claims with science, but the sorting out of the information is more of an art.

Who and What – Alien Contact

Let’s explore just a little bit so you can have an idea of what you’ll find deeper in this site.  Do aliens exist?  If so, who are they?  Well, we have had reports of all kinds of creatures.  There are the malicious Greys, who seem to abduct, probe, impregnate, and use humans for research purposes aboard their own spacecraft.  Whether they are Jungian archetypal projections, like modern day fairies, or literal physical beings out there, it is hard to determine.  There are also the Reptilians, who appear to be either independently evolved reptile-like creatures from another planet, or our own dinosaurs who continued to evolve into a human-like form in an alternative dimension who have gained the technology to jump into our dimension.  So what about these ufo sightings, you ask?  The answer may be far stranger than expected.

There could be so many intelligent aliens out there that are so different than our imagination can allow us to percieve that they could be right in front of us and we wouldn’t recognize them.  Or their technologies would hide them very well, such as Sleepwalkers, who supposedly can eject the consciousness of a human from his or her body and then take over.  Supposedly these Sleepwalkers have done this to politicians and celebrities quite a bit to influence the culture of Earth.  There are also humanoid aliens such as the Pleiadians who resemble Nordic people, as reported by Billy Meier.  This is just a small sample of the answer I give to the question, “Are there aliens?”

This is to not even touch upon the cyborgs and mechanical aliens, our own ancestors and predecessors, such as the Atlanteans, who could have left this planet long ago, and those actively engaging in seeding the universe through panspermia.  Heck, we could be aliens to this planet ourselves, having been seeded here.  We could have been visited by aliens in the past as according to the paleocontact theory of Erich von Daniken and Zecharia Sitchen.  There are those that even wonder if the mentally ill such as those diagnosed with schizophrenia are in contact with interdimensional entities.

When and Where – Extraterrestrial Life

are there aliens 2Do aliens really exist?  Whence do they came?  When are they? Are they from the future as time traveling versions of ourselves, such as the mythic John Titor?  Are they us from further up the Kardashev Scale?  They could be from the past, as previously mentioned, or could have contacted us in the past.  They very well could be from the present, having their civilizations grown and evolved independently in another part of the universe.  They could be from alternate timelines altogether, running parallel to ours.

Where do they come from?  They could be from outerspace, like we usually think of.  Or they could be from innerspace, such as our kindred psychonaut brothers have told us, when they encounter interdimensional entities while ingesting certain interesting chemicals.  They could be from inside of the Earth itself, or under the oceans, having landed thousands of years ago and waited to emerge and explore our mature civilization.

Why and How – Are Aliens Real?

So why are they here then, if we agree that there are aliens?  They could be here to harvest us, such as the Greys supposedly do.  They may be here to experiment on us, or even just observe us from afar, which would explain all of the UFO sightings.  They may want to experiment in consciousness shifting research or to help enlighten us to new ways of living by planting symbols on our planet on key energy locations, such as at crop circles.  They may want to welcome us into the intergalactic brotherhood and help us join in exopolitics.

How are the aliens here?  What technologies have they conquered and mastered in order to get here?  Perhaps they have achieved a quantum level teleportation that works on a macro scale and can jump their ships or themselves all the way here from light years away.  Or perhaps they’ve mastered gravity drives in order to create wormholes and fold space and time itself so as to simply step over here in one quick movement.  The possibilities are endless.  You think the movie Stargate was just a sci-fi flick?  Most artforms are continued in order to secretly pass information amongst those in the know… think about it!

Are There Aliens Dot Net – Welcome!

Thanks for coming by.  I hope you will gain much from reading this site.  Open your mind to the possibilities if you haven’t.  At least entertain the thought for one day as you play on this site.  That’s all it has to be at first.  Just infotainment.  If you’ve heard of other ideas that I’ve missed, please contact me and I’ll add them.  If I’ve gotten something wrong and need to correct it, hit me up!  Or just drop me a line and let me know how I’m doing.  I’m always interested in hearing from like-minded people.  Have fun, be safe, and explore Are There Aliens Dot Net using the navigation in the side bar and top menu.  Later!