Outer Space

When people think of aliens, the first image that is conjured up is one of outer space.  We all think of flying saucers traveling to Earth from another planet, and then zipping back at the speed of light.

This is one likely place that aliens are from.  It is not unimaginable that there is some place out there where aliens have a civilization and the technology to explore.

But what are all the possibilities of where in outer space that these aliens could come from?  Let’s think about it, because there are distances that are close, and then there are light years.

Where in Outer Space

outer spaceThere has been much speculation of life in the Milky Way galaxy and even our solar system in the past, and possibly present.  There is some evidence pointing towards the possibility of ruins on Mars and even glass domes and castles on the moon.

Arthur C. Clarke wrote in his 2001 series about the possibility of aliens having left monoliths as clues for us throughout our solar system.  I’ve even read about and seen pictures that seem to support that there was at one point, if not still, a giant mining rig spaceship parked in the rings of Saturn.

Deeper in Outer Space

This solar system is not the only option.  There could be a budding civilization in another arm of the galaxy, even somewhere else in the galaxy cluster.  If the aliens have mastered faster than light travel or the bending of space-time, then it doesn’t matter how far they live because they can exceed the speed of light.

They would be able to reach us from any star system, from the galactic center, or heck, even the center of the universe itself.  If they can do all of this traveling, then they will have seen and discovered things we can’t even comprehend in our imaginations!

Perhaps they’ve found elements far beyond our own periodic table.  Maybe they’ve learned how to harness the powers of their entire planet, sun, solar system, etc.  There is a researcher who’s scale was named after himself, called the Kardashev Scale.  It measured the types of civilizations based on their energy consumption.  It predicts that there are probably civilizations out there harnessing the power of the entire galaxy!

Maybe they’ve done this, and created entire solar system sized computers that are running their own universe simulations.  And maybe we live inside of that computer simulation.  That’s what the simulation theory says!  Look it up!  It’s more probable that this is a computer program than it’s not!